Electronic gaming machine

Electronic gaming machines also known as slots or one-armed bandits were originated long time ago. Till our times the sense of slots remains the same, however some points have changed such as design, for instance, and variety of gaming machines. Initially slots online have 3 reels with different symbols: fruits, diamonds, hearts and so on. The winning were introduced as non-cashable prizes such as cigars, drinks etc. The main idea of the game is to win from the machine.

Description of slot machines

It is difficult to imagine modern casino without electronic slot machines. It is the easiest type of game, which is introduced not only in land-based casino. Playing slots online is no less fascinated. Each machine has 3 or 5 reels with various symbols, lever on the right hand side or button on the front of panel that launches machine. More modern slots have both a lever and a button. Moreover, some of them are equipped with touchscreens. Slot machine includes currency detector, which distinguishes value of coins. As slot is a game of chance, no strategy for it exists. Slots have some variations, the most popular is Video poker, which is based on rules of real poker game.

Process of the game

Player inserts coins as many as he would like 3, 4 or even 5 (the more the amount of coins the more is a possibility of jackpot), pulls a lever or presses a button and wait until some combination falls out. If, according to the rules, some set of symbols is winning, machine pays off winning amount.

Symbols are generated thanks to special program which is called RNG (Random Number Generator). This software generates spontaneous numbers. The result of the game depends in what moment gamer will launch the drums. RNG works every two seconds and doesn't stop even when machine is not being played.