Privacy Statement

All of the information -regardless its nature- gathered on this site belongs strictly to EHNVI. The company promises not to share, rent or sell pieces of information otherwise than stated in this document.

What is the nature of the personal information that is encompassed on this site?

Visitors are free to download software, specific for a casino website simply by entering their email address. Once they do this, the email address, together with the IP address get to be stored in the website's database. Parallel to this, each visitor receives a unique customer value, which gets to be determined by EHNVI.

How does EHNVI use the stored information?

EHNVI might use the stored information for communication purposes. The information will help the company to ask for feedbacks concerning the customer's downloading experience. The same information can help the website to announce its visitors about crucial information.

What about cookies, are they used by the English Harbour website?

Positive, as every other website, English Harbor uses cookies as well. Visitors should know that these are only used to track down the origin of the visitor. Tracking down anonymous profiles is the only method of evaluating the effect of advertisements. Cookies have no ability to examine the visitor's behavior. Moreover, cookies are being removed 90 days after the first visit. English Harbor does not store personal information related to its customers nor does it share cookies with other websites.

What are the security measures?

A series of security measures are prone to guaranteeing the safety of information available at EHNVI. All of the information is safeguarded behind a secured network, one that is available only for a reduced number of employees. VeriSign security system is responsible for implementing appropriate encrypting methods and security features. The latter ones offer an increased level of security whenever visitors access their Customer Status pages. The point is that, the information is kept safe by the means of a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption software.

Does EHNVI share any of this information with outside parties?

Negative, the company guarantees to never sell, transfer and/or trade personal information - provided unconditionally - in a contrary manner as it was stipulated in this statement. Should this happen, the company is obliges itself to include a future owner or a successor of the business.

Is it possible for a visitor to alter or remove information transferred to EHNVI beforehand?

Positive, visitors have the possibility of unsubscribing in order to stop communicating with the website.

In order to do this, visitors have 3 options:

  • Using the unsubscribe link simply by clicking it.
  • Sending an email with the word Unsubscribe as subject.
  • Emailing the customer service support.